Slit Velvet Evening Dresses

Slit Velvet Evening Dresses


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VELVET EVENING DRESSES WITH LONG SLITS WEDDING/HENNA/APRIL/GRADUATION DRESS. A maximum of 10 units of this product can be ordered. Quenmadam reserves the right to cancel orders over 10 pieces. More than 10 stocks were offered to be sold at the campaign price. The seller determines the sales price of the product you have examined. A product can be sold by more than one vendor. The sellers of the products offered for sale by more than one seller are ranked according to the price they set for the product, seller points, delivery status, promotions on the products, whether the shipping is free or not, whether the products can be delivered with fast delivery, stock and category information of the products.

Category: Clothing/ Large Size/
Delivery Date: 15 December

Length / Measurement:Maxi Sleeve Type:Long Material:Velvet Fabric Type:Knitted Color:Black Persona:Fashion Forward Fabric/Yarn Feature:Velvet Ambience:Stylish / Night Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve Printing/Embroidery Technique:Unprinted Leather Quality:Parts Not Available Collection:Plus Size Sustainability Detail:Yes Belt/Belt Status:Belt

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