Navy Blue Front Detailed Satin Evening Dresses

Navy Blue Front Detailed Satin Evening Dresses


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* Product Pattern: Narrow Fit (It is recommended to choose 1 size larger than your own size) * Fabric Type: Satin Fabric Suitable for the New Season * Fabric content: 80% Polyester 20% Cotton * Product Length: 145 cm * Lining: None * Zipper: Yes * Flexibility: None * Product Detail: Our eye-catching evening dress is made of satin fabric suitable for the new season. There are ruffle details on the front and skirt. The waist is tied to the belt with the drape detail coming from the shoulder. It has a half zipper at the back. The sleeves are single-buttoned at the wrist. Our piece, which will make you feel more stylish on your special days, is available in different color options. * Model Dimensions: Height: 1.

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Delivery Date: 5 March

Color:Navy Blue Material Component:80% Polyester, 20% Cotton Collection:Hijab Clothing